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  • Part-time freelance writer & film school graduate passionate about research. Thorough and punctual.
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  • Entertainment & Music

Focus Topics

  • Entertainment

  • SEO

  • Lifestyle

  • Culture

  • Art

Project Type

  • Article Writing

Writer's Journal

From a very young age I've been an avid devourer of all forms of art. Whether it was books, TV shows, movies, video games, music, or even food, I loved taking in everything and picking apart why I'd like my favorite things so much. Even if it was in my head.

Through elementary I'd write my way through my crippling mediocrity as a kid and immerse myself in the different ways one could express happiness or disappointment. By the time I got to high school, the range of emotions I could convey in writing expanded to include anger, disdain, giddy joy, and most especially objective judgment as I reviewed films, books, and plays for the school newspaper.

This carried over to university, where I became a film major. But I always knew I was more of a writer than a director. So I continued contributing to school papers and did part-time work as a research assistant, a contributor for a travel magazine and lifestyle section of a major news outlet, a junior editor of a self and career improvement coffee table book, and an AVP and events scriptwriter. Of course, all through that I'd occasionally lend my skills to, or Scribbloo, where I honed my writing geared towards SEO content.

Now, I'm a film graduate and archive researcher for an NGO that aims to preserve Philippine documentaries. I am passionate about refining yet simplifying the way we memorialize arts and culture, something I've been doing ever since I could read, write, and watch TV. If there's someone on this site who can churn out a thorough and detailed but concise assessment of any form of art or entertainment, I sure hope that would be me.

Recently Added Products

Best Produce

Food and Play Reviews for Manila Standard

More than 6 month
Contributed to the Lifestyle section of the Manila Standard from 2016-2018
  • Art
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Entertainment

It's one of Those days

1 to 2 weeks
Contributed a contemplative piece to the 2nd issue of Young Star's zine The Youth Is On Fire in 2017
  • Mental Health
  • Philosophy

Why Me?

1 to 6 month
Junior writer and editor for Why Me?: an Aboitiz Equity Ventures coffee table book, published in 2018
  • People
  • Self Improvement
  • Career
  • Business


Bachelor of Arts in Film University of the Philippines

2014 - 2019
Film and Audiovisual Communication
Obtained a B.A. degree in Film from the UP College of Mass Communication


  • Certificate of Graduation; UP Diliman

  • Certificate of Employment; Scribbloo


Freelance Writer Scribbloo

August 2015 - March 2020
Freelance writing through since 2015. Mainly SEO marketing content, lifestyle/DIY articles, and film, book, and video game reviews.

Feature Writer Manila Standard

August 2016 - March 2019
Feature writer for the Manila Standard newspaper. Mainly did food and play reviews.

Researcher Filipino Documentary Society

October 2019 - Currently work here
Archival and research work about Philippine documentary films

AVP and Event Scriptwriter Ad Central

July 2019 - Currently work here
Writes AVP and event scripts for Ad Central, an event organizing agency