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Core Niche

  • Online Business

Focus Topics

  • Entertainment

  • Finance

  • Internet Marketing

  • SEO

  • Real Estate

  • Food

Project Type

  • Advertising Content

  • Article Writing

  • Copywriting (For Advertising Campaigns)

  • Editing & Proofreading

  • Social Media Writing

Writer's Journal

I have started several micro enterprises beginning with a small data processing business. I then tried other ventures such as affiliate marketing, blogging, article writing/editing, copywriting, network marketing, and now I'm looking into global markets trading.

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This is an introduction to blockchain technology for beginners. It traces the beginnings of the blockchain technlogy from the creation of bitcoin to the newest developments today. The work cites use cases and other potential applications of blockchain tec
  • Academic papers


Bachelor in Computer Data Processing Management Polytechnic University of the Philippines

1993 - 1997
Programming, Data Processing, and Business Management
Data processing management covers how information technology is applied in day to day business. The primary focus is the creation of solutions that make processes more efficient and profitable.

Micro-Entrepreneurship Academy for Creating Enterprise

2013 - 2013
Business startups and micro enterprise
Enterprise creation begins with opportunity spotting and ends with profitability until the business life cycle is completed. Business acumen and intelligence are skills that are developed with experience. Graduates of the ACE micro enterprise program gai


  • Micro Entrepreneurship Certification (Academy for Creating Enterprise)


Writer Scribbloo

January 2019 - Currently work here
Tasks include writing niche articles, eBooks, copy, product reviews, email marketing content, fiction, white papers.