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5VP98WNV6A - Stoicism on criticism


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Focus words: Stoicism on criticism

Write an article on how Stoicism can be used to deal with criticism.

One thing would like to point out is that I have a blog and the main differential of it is that I make Stoicism extremely practical not only philosophical. So please make sure to write it in a way that people can take action on what you write.

Feel free to use your own writing style but recommend using a lot of bullet points and paragraphs to make the reading easy to digest. For your reference, check out this post:

It looks great because the text is well separated in small paragraphs and subheading. This is what I want my post to look like.

Core Vision:
A neat article with practical suggestions on how Stoicism can be used to deal with criticism.
As I mentioned before, it has to be practical. Simple suggestions that readers can implement straight away to their lives.

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