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9EKT6VSARL - Music (5 Writers Needed)


Master Scope

Writer: 1-5
Quantity: 2 pcs x 1000 words each
Budget: $20
TAT: 2-3days

Project Details:
Ensure the below are fulfilled before completing the projects.

Follow the points below for writing articles:
1) Include introduction and conclusion

2) Add Headings and sub-section headings as much as possible

3) Do not find one article and rewrite, will report if found

4) Do not write in personal view e.g. I also like that it is USB rechargeable and fast charging.

4) For products reviews, find as many suitable products on Amazon and write at least 150-200 words for each product on why this product is the best(avoid giving bullet list of pros and cons), and make sure the product is not out of stock or discontinued. If writers got issues in finding products, please contact me. Do not write about buyer guides or tips and tricks just to add up the word counts, only reviews of products allowed. Also include the amazon link at the end of each review (e.g

5) Due to strict amazon affiliate policy, please do not include ratings, price, discounts or sale.

Writer 1
1. best budget audiophile power cable
2. best mixer and usb audio interface

Writer 2
3. best car amps for bass
4. best laptop for music production under 300

Writer 3
5. best guitars for fingerstyle
6. best short scale bass under $500

Writer 4
7. best mics for voice over
8. best 6.5 speakers for clarity

Writer 5
9. best headphones for voice over
10. best surround sound headphones for movies

  • . 1: Can you submit at least 1,000 word drafts daily?
  • . 2: This project is for multiple writers. Are you willing to be assigned any of the writer slots?

Other details

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  • :Article Writing
  • :Normal
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  • : All Locations
  • :Fresh Pick

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Project's estimated budget is
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