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7 reasons why HR is important

What does Human Resources (HR) do?

Why does HR Matter?

1. Recruitment and Retention - HR helps with growing a company by attracting talents that fits the company's culture. HR also focuses on activities that is essential to retaining employees.

2. Employee Satisfaction - HR manages perks and benefits to ensure employee satisfaction which leads to the retention of great talents.

3. Total Compensation (Benefits included) - HR creates a compensation structure that best fits the organization while still meeting the needs of employees both financially and emotionally.

4. Performance Management - On the other hand, HR is also responsible for ensuring that employees are following the ground rules of the company and ensuring that they adhere to their assigned tasks appropriately.

5. Health and Safety - HR is responsible for ensuring that employees are able to safely perform their jobs without any repercussions from the employer. At the same time, HR is responsible for ensuring that it advises the employer of any potential risks to the company.

6. Organizational Development - HR develops and trains employees to ensure the continuous growth of its employees which in turn, also grows the capabilities of the company.

7. Risk Management - Finally, HR is all about managing and reducing potential risks to the employer from things such as labour laws, hiring practices and health and safety regulations.

Conclusion - Conclude the blog post by emphasizing the importance of a strong HR presence in the workplace regardless of size of the company.

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Here's a sample blog post on how the blog writing to be structured.

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